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Re: 2022-23 Season

Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2022 8:30 pm
by BoiseBYU
Clutch shot by Hall for the win. Can’t figure out why the game was so close. We shot better, rebounded more, fouled less, made more free throws, and had 9 blocks. Two banked in threes (!!) for the other team might have helped some. 55% free throw shooting didn’t help us much either. We only had three turnovers in the second half so that’s something to build upon. We again blew a ten point lead so that’s a point of concern.

Re: 2022-23 Season

Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2022 12:53 pm
by byufan4ever
Sorry I didn't get this posted earlier! I've had issues getting CougarCorner to even load on my personal PC, work laptop, or my cell phone. Fixed for now so I'm back!

While we did a better job against Missouri St with TOs, the first half was horrible. And we still had 4 more TOs than them which led to more shot attempts for Missouri St which they converted into points. That's why it was close.

Noah Waterman gets the Best Performer award. 5/6 3s was very nice! However, he offers little in the way of rebounding and defense. I noticed him out of position multiple times on defense and offensive players easily shrug him off. Still, I was scratching my head as to why he was MIA in the last 4+ minutes of the game. Rudi once again gets the Struggled to Perform. I think he needs to be a spark off the bench. He actually started off ok, hit a 3, got an assist, he can rebound well for a guard. But his assist-to-turnover ratio continues to be very bad. Hall got the game winning basket, but that was his only make going 1/5 from the floor. He's a tenacious rebounder though. Not afraid to throw his body against much bigger players.
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Re: 2022-23 Season

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2022 10:31 am
by byufan4ever
I guess first half struggles against a much inferior opponent were the theme yesterday. If someone tracks FG% from uncontested shots we have to be near the bottom. So part of me says that our offense is working because we are getting clear open shots. But we just cannot knock them down. I want to see more of Trey Stewart driving to the rim because he's athletic enough to do it. I'm trying to figure out what the difference was in the second half that allowed us to pull away. I think we made a bigger emphasis on getting Traore and Atiki touches in the paint. Fous played very well, but Nicholls is a very small team. Their tallest starter was 6-7 and tallest on the roster is 6-8. Small like us. Traore plays bigger than his height, but he is still going to struggle at the 5 against bigger and better teams.

Traore and George actually tied in my PER, but I'm giving the Best Performer award to Traore due to him having less minutes. I guess his limited minutes was due to his foot problem that Blaine mentioned. I'm really sad that my boy Spencer Johnson gets the Struggled to Perform award. I was surprised that he had a team high 10 FGA as I don't recall him really shooting that much. Rudi was much better and even though he still had 5 TOs he actually had more assists (6) for the first time this season!
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I would kind of like to see Pope experiment with his roster a little bit more early on in the season. My idea is starting Hall/Johnson/Saunders/George/Traore with Rudi/Robinson/Waterman coming off the bench early to provide a spark. Next week we got 3 games in 3 days!

Re: 2022-23 Season

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2022 8:02 pm
by byufan4ever
I'm out of town for Thanksgiving so I'll get these 3 tournament game ratings up when I get back.

We are bottom 7 in TOs per game. That's as bad as our football's defense. If we can figure that out we have a pretty good team.

Re: 2022-23 Season

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2022 10:20 am
by byufan4ever
Ok, here's my Battle 4 Atlantis tournament post. Two losses and then we started out losing badly in the third game and I was just about ready to write this team off for the entire season. But, wow, a 23 point comeback to eek out a win! We got better with our TOs each game so maybe we are finally starting to get that under control. A thought came to me that Pope should treat TOs like a fumble. Turn the ball over and you get subbed out next dead ball. I'm serious. It'll send a message. TOs = less PT.

USC - we lost the TO battle 17-14 and only a flurry of scoring late made this game close. For the most part we were not the better team. And USC went on to lose their other two games to Tennessee and Wisconsin. Best Performer was Spencer Johnson who led us in scoring and had 4 assists + 2 steals to just 2 TOs. Worst Performer goes to Noah Waterman. I actually think that he's improved on his rebounding and defense from the first few games, but he didn't shoot the ball well this game.
Butler - We actually won the TO battle 13-16, but despite that and Butler being down a few injured players we could not win. Butler lost their other 2 games in this tournament getting blown out by Tennessee and losing by 15 to NC State. Dreadful 3 point shooting did us in: 3/20 vs 7/15 for Butler. Traore had the single best game performance so far this season with a PER of 31.0. It seems like each game we wait until the second half to slow things down a bit and feed the post. Good things happen when the ball makes it into the paint. Rudi Williams gets the Worst Performer for the 3rd time this season with 4 TOs to just 2 assists. Can we bench him already?
BYU Butler.PNG
Dayton - A team with a depleted roster and a bad record coming into the game. They lost to Wisconsin and NC State the first two games. And we looked just dreadful at the beginning. I had the game on in the background while playing a board game with family so I didn't see exactly what we were doing so bad. To come back from 23 down shows amazing fight and spirit. But let's not act like this was an amazing win. I think they had another two players go down to injury during the game including their best player. We won the TO battle 11-13. George came through in the clutch and gets the Best Performer award. Efficient shooting, clutch 3s, hit most of his FTs, only 1 TO in 37 minutes. Can we please see this more Gideon?! Trey Stewart Struggled to Perform shooting just 1/6 from the field. I'm just not sure what he offers to this team. My hype for him is officially over. He's quick, but that's it. Can't shoot, doesn't use his quickness to beat his man. I just don't see a lot of basketball skill there.
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Re: 2022-23 Season

Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2022 10:34 am
by byufan4ever
Another quick post just to show our SOS so I know that KenPom does NOT show how a team has performed so far and is nothing like the NET ranking that is used for March Madness, but it's what I have so far.

Idaho St - #323 - Home Win (Q4)
San Diego St - #18 - Away Loss (Q1)
Missouri St - #137 - Home Win (Q3)
Nicholls - #250 - Home Win (Q4)
USC - #64 - Neutral Loss (Q2)
Butler - #90 - Neutral Loss (Q2)
Dayton - #58 - Neutral Win (Q2)

BYU is at #69. I'm actually surprised that Dayton is that high. I think that KenPom still has too much preseason bias built into his ranking vs actual results, but it eventually gets taken out as the season progresses. So that gets us:

Q1: 0-1
Q2: 1-2
Q3: 1-0
Q4: 2-0

We don't feel like a March Madness team to me, but I'll revisit our resume once the OOC games are over.

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Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2022 10:32 am
by byufan4ever
I debated whether to even post anything about the Westminister game. They are a division 2 school and a bad one at that. This should have been an early season exhibition game and I don't think that it even counts as a Q4 win in the NET rankings for March Madness selection criteria. But, it counts as Pope's 150th win.

19 made 3 pointers! Can we please replicate that at home? We shoot so much better at the Vivint Arena than at the Marriott Center for some reason. It's not really a surprise that we had so many good performers, but Gideon George was the best. Led us in scoring with 15 points on a very efficient 5/6 FGs and 3/3 FTs. If there's one area we struggled at as a team it was FTs shooting just 55%. That has to change. Tanner Toolson logged 19 minutes, but struggled shooting just 2/6 and a dreadful 1/5 from the line.
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