AAC, ESPN Agree To 12-Year Media-Rights Deal Worth $1B

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Re: AAC, ESPN Agree To 12-Year Media-Rights Deal Worth $1B

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Like you said, I'm not sure that makes sense for the AAC.

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Re: AAC, ESPN Agree To 12-Year Media-Rights Deal Worth $1B

Post by jadesroom »

Several months ago I wrote that BYU should join the AAC if the AAC would accept us. I no longer think they would accept us, but I'll paste my previous reasons below:

1. I've been a proponent of independence because of the ESPN contract, the perceived "better than G5" status, better exposure, and BYUTV, but

2. the benefits of independence are lost when BYU loses not one or two games a season but three or more, which is what BYU has done every year since becoming independent.

3. Another factor is that we are a religious-centered institution with standards, both academic and moral, that will not appeal to the vast majority of athletes needed to win at the highest level. Since we are not winning at the highest level, more and more athletes willing to live those standards are going to schools who don't require those standards, whether academic or moral or both.

4. Are we better than many P5 schools? Sure, but so are many G5 schools. Life isn't fair.

5. Can we win the occassional game against P5 schools? Wisconsin gives the obvious answer. But lose the past two games as BYU has and the season has ended for many fans.

6. It doesn't matter whether the coach has been Bronco or Kalani, the losses have come and the emotional investment has ended well before the season has ended.

7. The AAC has a decent ESPN contract with a championship worth playing for even after losses. In addition, the AAC has a better chance than the MWC of becoming a power conference.

8. In my opinion, if the AAC would accept us and if BYUTV could still broadcast or rebroadcast games as it presently does, then the AAC is the best option for BYU football. Not only that but AAC basketball is a lot better than WCC basketball.

To summarize, the present situation quickly creates apathy among fans, the exposure argument is lost, the Church is not willing to spend the money to have BYU become a P5-like team, and basketball is a whole lot better in the AAC.

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