Jimmer to the NBA?

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This would be a great place to discuss the Super Bowl, the NBA Playoffs or whatever else.
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Re: Jimmer to the NBA?

Post by BroncoBot » Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:26 pm

SpiffCoug wrote:
BroncoBot wrote:
SpiffCoug wrote:He would need a Jeremy Lin type of situation, where he signs as the 3rd PG and then, due to long term injuries to the players in front of him, the team is forced to give him the reins to the team and then he just lights it up for a fairly extended stretch of games.
Again, Sacramento was his best option for this. He was on the floor a lot that rookie year. Tough spot to be in with I. Thomas gunning for his spot.
Correct. But since that option is now passed, he would need another option, similar to the one I outlined.
Indeed. Hope it comes his way.

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