WCC Baseball Tournament

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WCC Baseball Tournament

Post by Cougarbib » Sat May 25, 2013 6:48 pm

BYU eliminated #1 seed Gonzaga 8-1 behind great pitching by Jeff Barker who also had the key win that got BYU in the tournament. BYU also ended the regular season with a big win at ranked Arizona or ASU - I forget which it was. BYU ended the regular season on a 7-0 streak.

Zags went 0-2 in double elimination tournament and they were the Top Seed.

BYU went 1-2.

San Diego and San Francisco play for the title tonight.

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Anae just might be the guy. Wisconsin DC says Anae is totally unpredictable because he just runs a bunch of plays with no rhyme or reason. Whooped Butt on Houston DC for 3 of 4 quarters. Destroyed Texas DC and HC careers.

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