Democratic Party = The True Fascists

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Re: Democratic Party = The True Fascists

Post by nuk13 » Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:25 am

Thank you Sno! I haven't watched this video until now. I have known for a long time the democrats and the left work hard at hiding what they really are. They also work hard at blaming the republicans and the right for what they themselves have done. I have not until this morning ever heard of Giovanni Gentile. Why? The left tried to associate Mr. Trump with the KKK. It was started by the democrats. The Jim Crow laws enforcing racial segregation was by the democrats. Check out Rev. Wayne Perryman if you can find him. He is a black minister who was asked by the kids in his church why they were democrats. He found dozens of laws passed by the democrats against his people. He isn't a democrat any more. Why the republicans don't use him all the time is a puzzle to me. I don't understand why the so called civil rights leaders tag along with the democrats.

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