President Trump: America IS Exceptional!

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Re: President Trump: America IS Exceptional!

Post by SpiffCoug » Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:15 pm

BroncoBot wrote:Biggest difference between Clinton/Obama and Trump -

Trump is able to separate the govt from the people. He is a champion of the people and it appears he isn't afraid to call out the mistakes of the government. I think we all agree that certain USA policies have caused a lot of trouble and heartache at home and around the world.

Obama/Clinton constantly attempt to lump the people of America in with the mistakes of the government. Instead of saying the government has made mistakes, they (clinton/obama) want to make the public feel bad/responsible that there was once a policy allowing slavery. They also try to use this to justify their agendas. It's dirty and it's rotten. Just like they are. They love subtlety putting blame on honest hard working Americans who want nothing more than to live their lives with freedom and without government interference.

The PEOPLE of America are truly exceptional. What the government has morphed into isn't much more exceptional than a large portion of the governments out there. Get busy draining that swamp Trump. We need it.
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Re: President Trump: America IS Exceptional!

Post by BlueK » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:24 am

The Russia thing is going to be investigated more thoroughly, it sounds like. Several Republican senators want it done. I don't think this would happen if Trump hadn't already said so many things about Putin and Russia that don't make any sense. ... index.html
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