Rudy Joins the Church

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Re: Rudy Joins the Church

Post by snoscythe » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:15 pm

hawkwing wrote:
Mars wrote:Also, BYU football never stopped doing firesides. Now they just aren't the night before the game.
That was the original claim, what have been the exact dates of all the firesides, and who exactly is participating in them? I don't know, so honest question.
Here were the May-June firesides with players and coaches last year:

Sunday, May 1 — East Lansing, Michigan
Sunday, May 15 — Montgomery, Ohio
Sunday, May 22 — San Clemente, California
Sunday, May 29 — Washington DC
Sunday, June 5 — Laie, Hawaii
Sunday, June 12 — Sandy, Utah
Sunday, June 26 — Eagle, Idaho

They were supposed to do alumni firesides before the road games, but I never heard of any of them actually taking place. The local alumni association for each road game was supposed to set it up, but I don't think any of them ever did--BYU tried to shift it from a football-team thing to an alumni association thing, and it fizzled out.

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Re: Rudy Joins the Church

Post by hawkwing » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:49 pm

Yeah, I don't think off-season firesides are a worthwhile replacement to in-season firesides, and I don't think alumni firesides are anywhere near as effective as player firesides (even if they really did happen).

I just have a hard time believing that Rudy would have gotten baptized if instead of having the fireside with the players before the ND game we had a fireside in June with 1 or 2 players who happened to be nearby.

Maybe I'm wrong and we'll see these firesides do some good work though.

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