Moving to Utah, but where?

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Re: Moving to Utah, but where?

Post by Cougarfan87 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:44 am

byufan4ever wrote:
Cougarfan87 wrote:So, I have accepted a Federal government job in Salt Lake City, which will bring me back to Utah come January time frame. I would like some input from the locals on where to move since I last lived in Utah in 2002. I am looking for a reasonable commuter distance by car (20 Minutes or less) or by Front Runner (40 minutes or less). Of course I would like good schools, safe neighborhoods, and reasonably affordable housing for a family of seven (4Bd, 2 Bath, at least 2,400 sq. feet with a basement less than $350,000). I have been leaning towards Davis County or Lehi. Any helpful advice or opinions that might help me focus my efforts would be greatly appreciated.
Hey, I'm just wondering if you've moved yet and found a house and if so, where did you end up?

I'm moving this week. Movers come this Thu/Fri and we drive out this Sat. However, we "have to" stop by the in-laws first in Idaho so I'll be driving direct there before heading down to Utah. I'm super excited for this new chapter in my life! However, I still haven't sold my house yet. 40 days on the market (including over Christmas break), 26 showings, 2 open houses (with 9 groups of people each), but sadly zero offers. Not even a lowball offer. I gotta sell this house first before buying a new home. I'm not one of those that can afford two mortgages at once. However, I do get 2 months of temp housing and they'll be putting us up in a furnished apartment in East Salt Lake City on 134 South 400 East. Looks like we'll be pretty close to the Salt Lake temple!
They are putting you up right near where I park my car...until the transit subsidy comes through and I start riding the frontrunner. Right now I am staying in Draper with family. I am going to try commuting on the front runner from Kaysville and from Saratoga Springs as in both locations. But until my dear wife and kids come out here when the school year ends, I am not making any decisions. Hopefully our house sells quickly so that we can start building here. I would love to fly my wife out to pick a place, but, like you, I cannot afford two mortgages or to take the risk that my house in Alabama does not sell. I am pretty sure we will end up somewhere in Davis County or the Lehi/Saratoga Springs area, though. It has to be on the Front runner line or close to it because my boss allows us to count time on the train as part of the work day so long as we are doing email, etc.
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Re: Moving to Utah, but where?

Post by byufan4ever » Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:55 am

Quick update: I've been in Utah for about 3 weeks now. My company has put me up in temporary housing in the Sugarhouse are in SLC which is a nice area with lots to do within walking distance, but it's too close to the enemy for my liking!

We're closing on a house in Stansbury Park on March 9th. That wasn't my initial choice of where to live (I was targeting West Jordan / South Jordan) but my wife won out. It'll be a bit of a drive to home games but it is what it is.

So, what's the process for becoming a season ticket holder? Become a Cougar Club member first?
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