What to do in Moraga?

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Re: What to do in Moraga?

Post by McY » Thu Jan 05, 2017 2:39 pm

My fam is from the Bay Area; my mom grew up in Oakland. I echo Gunk's expert recommendations. Hope you have a great trip and enjoy seeing a W for the Cougs. I would love to go the game tonight, but can't make it.

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Re: What to do in Moraga?

Post by BYULV » Fri Jan 06, 2017 12:08 pm

Had a good time last night, minus the loss. I love going to different arenas and stadiums and seeing the different atmospheres. SMC was ok as far as environment goes. It was nearly full, unfortunately they had several seating gaps in what looked like their student section. Crowd and fans were nice and respectful.

As far as the game went, I think we got beat by a better team. You could see our guys figure it out at times then lapse into getting beat again. I ran into Steve Cleveland this morning and he said St Mary's is just really good at what they do, and for young players it's hard to be patient on offense and defense as long and as often as you need to be against SMC. he hopes with a little more practice and playing in the Marriott center where not every shot drops for them, the outcome might be different.

I don't want to rehash small gym snack which is lame, but seriously, the WCC is giving each school how much money from tourneys and stuff and the top teams in the league can't buy speakers you can hear in the arena? Birdie702 has better speakers in his garage than SMC has in their arena. And can't they find a semi rich alum to donate a video board? They're located in one of the highest median income areas in the country and SMC tuition is outrageously high. Somewhere there has to be a little extra cash to make the experience better. Unfortunately, SMC's gym is more like USF's than Santa Clara's or San Diego's. One of the top tier teams in the league should have a much nicer facility, they're really no excuse. They can keep their small size (though they pretty much fill it so could expand), but really need to improve some of their amenities. Their concession stand was a folding table in the corner. Overall a great team and program with second rate facilities

PS: when the officials review the tape of the game, I hope they negate all jump shot points attributed to Narr due to his horribly ugly shooting form. and tall #22 with those free throws? Ouch! They were ugly.

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