Question for Anae supporters

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Re: Question for Anae supporters

Post by byutx » Wed Dec 22, 2010 5:18 pm

CougarClaw wrote:Am I an Anae "supporter"?... I don't know if I support anyone 100%, but I'll play devil's advocate for the fun of it and also because there are always two sides.

1) I disagreed with Bronco about firing Jamie Hill. I'm not on the team and couldn't see the same things Bronco did, but it was just 6 months previous we were calling Hill a defensive genius and one of the best coaches on the staff. It was he who turned our db's around, it was he who beat Oklahoma. But now, is there any doubt that was the right decision? Nope. no doubt. If Bronco fires Anae, I will question his ability to find another OC willing to come to BYU who won't have just as many deficiencies but he sees a lot more than we do.

Just like you said, Anae is not to blame for everything that went wrong. Just like Bronco is not to blame for everything that went right either. If you were to look at Anae's resume right now, I could see plenty of teams who would love to have a coach with that kind of success and experience. YUtah is struggling on offense right now, would you want to play against him every year?

Couple of answers, again, devil's advocate here since I think a job refresh every five years is probably a pretty good thing.

I don't know anything about Anae alienating players, parents, or recruits. I've heard rumors from a few on this board, but nothing substantial, no sources, no news articles, and like a good Mormon, I'd be interested in hearing more. As for our best-ever recruits, we did just pull in one of our top recruiting classes last year. Apparently his stench wasn't strong enough to drive them away.

I've never met the man, so can't say anything about stubborness or "prick-eshness" but those do seem to be a matter of opinion and probably aren't shared by everyone. For that matter, I'm sure there are plenty of people in the world who think the same thing about me...and probably you too... ;)

A lot of us were uncertain about the 2 QB system. Not all, but I wasn't sure. I agree with bronco that winning the Washington game using that system hurt us quite a bit since it seemed to work very well. We also know that the 2 and 3 RB system in the NFl works very well. AND had this system worked, Anae would have been called the genius instead of the unimaginative and predictable. Now he's the 2 QB scapegoat instead of the 2 QB author and genius. It's the 4th down or the jump on the fumble or scoop the fumble argument. Go for it and miss, you're a dupe and a moron. Go for it and score, you're a genius and a scholar (possibly a gentleman as well)

I suppose that the argument for keeping Anae would center around the simple fact that the man has been pretty darn good for us in the past. Multiple top 25 seasons, some truly marquee wins, and shared in the very same success that we give credit to Bronco for. And what about an unknown replacement? Some Anae detractors seem so incredibly certain that any number of OC replacements could do better than beating multiple top-25 opponents, multiple top 25 rankings, and developping multiple NFL stars as well as running top-25 offenses. Forget play calling and personel for a moment, the ODDS of that happening are simply not good. It just seems like the classic Grass is greener mentality and as SOON as we have our first ugly loss with a new OC, there will be people crying for that guy as well. Even Doman, or Detmer.

Anae has his deficiencies but who doesn't? I for one have made some mistakes in my career, but did I deserve to get fired for them? Probably not. well except for that incident with the monkey...

So I think after going through this, Firing Anae is not a simple slam dunk decision like Jamie Hill apparently was but byutx's opinion seems to be formed based on more information than I've read or heard about.

How's that for a few reasons?
Well done. I think it's extremely healthy to hear opposing views and I think there is a great deal of validity in some of the points you made. Good job.

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Re: Question for Anae supporters

Post by Italics » Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:37 am

byutx wrote:
Italics wrote:When BYUtx and I agree on something, you know that that "something" must be too obviously true to possibly be false.

And the truth is - Anae was awful.

(I can say "was" now! GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH!!!)
So I guess now I have to support Anae. ;)
And the Utes!

Are you brave enough?

Scratch that.

Are you stupid enough?
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Re: Question for Anae supporters

Post by scott715 » Sat Dec 25, 2010 11:28 am

The guy is talented and has had a lot of success . If he leaves he will find another job. He just does not have the ability to win a NC or overcome his weaknesses.

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Re: Question for Anae supporters

Post by vancouvercougar » Sat Dec 25, 2010 11:57 am

scott715 wrote:The guy is talented and has had a lot of success . If he leaves he will find another job. He just does not have the ability to win a NC or overcome his weaknesses.
Anae is talented as you say, and he will find another job.
As Hawkwing mentioned, and as Vai Sikahema wrote in his blog, The coaches on offense don't seem to be working as a unit.

I want an OC who is the Offense equivelant of Bronco. In my mind It is not so much about the scheme as it is about maximum effort.

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