BYU's 2018 Recruiting Class

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Re: BYU's 2018 Recruiting Class

Post by snoscythe » Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:46 pm

YNot wrote:
Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:51 pm
I don't pay too much attention to the #83 ranking. ....

Overall - decent. Lacks any "star" power, but decent.
Funny, two years ago you were telling us that unless recruiting improved from our usual 60-70 ranking level, we would never improve:
YNot wrote:I think BYU can become a solid B level football program. Better donor support and $$$ can help to lead to better recruiting and more resources - which can help with winning and lead to a better TV contract that gives BYU even more resources. But it can be kind of a catch 22 - unless some donors step it up or the new coaching staff is able to improve recruiting and the on-field product with the same resources.
Both sides of that equation included improving recruiting somehow, and yet now you're telling us everything is fine after we drop 23 spots below where you were calling for improvement....

[url= ... 88#p223488]You also rated the 2016 class as a C back then, and called it insufficient:
YNot wrote:BYU's (2016) recruiting class was pretty ho-hum on the national radar - but par for the BYU course. I'd even say that BYU's class was C, may be C+. One of the top non-P5 recruiting classes, but easily among the bottom wrung when compared to the P5. BYU needs 1 or 2 more elite recruits and a half-dozen more 3-star commits - and fewer 2-star guys - to improve to grade B recruiting class.
Now we land a #80+ class and it's "decent"...

So, what's changed?

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Re: BYU's 2018 Recruiting Class

Post by frdbtr » Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:17 pm

I think the Bronco comparisons are going to happen as long as the current staff is under performing. Just like the Crowton vs Lavell comparisons happened all the way until Bronco got the team performing the way it should. Get used to it.

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Re: BYU's 2018 Recruiting Class

Post by Ddawg » Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:43 pm

Just thought I'd list where BYU's 2018 opponents landed in the recruiting wars today (from Scout). BYU #81.
Arizona, #58
California, #43
Wisconsin, #44
McNeese St., #222
Washington, #13
Utah St., #113
Hawaii, #94
Northern Illinois, #91
Boise St., #56
UMass, #114
New Mexico St., #124
Utah, #38

LSU #15, UCLA #18, TCU #25, Stanford #39, Virginia #63, SUU #155, Weber St. #156, Navy #102, San Diego St. #77

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