Welcome to new coach Fesi Sitake

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Re: Welcome to new coach Fesi Sitake

Post by hawkwing » Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:56 pm

I'm not sure that Grimes actually had any latitude in hiring anyone beyond Pugh. It could be, but we'll never know now for sure.

As for Fesi, he's probably the most exciting hire right now, besides Grimes, and even that will be an uphill battle of nepotism charges, especially if things go poorly. I don't envy his position.

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Re: Welcome to new coach Fesi Sitake

Post by SpiffCoug » Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:42 pm

Regardless of how much input Grimes had, he is being surrounded by much more experienced and qualified assistants than Detmer.

Detmer and those assistants were set up for failure. They simply weren't not good or experienced enough to be put together on the same staff at the same time.

Grimes now has one inexperienced coach (Pugh). But Grimes will be mentor him. It's the position he just coached and he's worked with Pugh previously. He has two other very experienced coaches as well.
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