If you could fix one position group...

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Re: If you could fix one position group...

Post by Mars » Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:20 pm

Hard to run when your Oline can't block, you only have two talented RBs, the first one is out of shape and fumble-prone, and the second the coaches hate and refuse to play.
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Re: If you could fix one position group...

Post by Cougs_Rule » Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:34 am

Their second RB has been afraid of contact and has tunnel vision as bad as Tanner. The holes have been there and Ula is good at finding them. It's an intangible ability for a RB just as it is for a QB.
But let's face it, there is ample evidence of multiple, glaring weaknesses on this offense. Which comes first? Which is worst? Sort of doesn't matter. It's a compound in one. It's MUBAR. It's messed up beyond all recognition.

Average to poor Jr QB? check. What if he were as good as we hoped/thought? We aren't 1-6.
RBs with their problems as listed? Check. Not a strong option on the squad. What if Ula could carry it 20x in a game and not fumble? Are we 1-6? Nope.
WRS are soft, not so fast, and certainly not sure handed. If we had Hoffman, would we be 1-6? Nope.
OC scheme. Is it outdated? Too complicated? Probably both. If we had a Taysom and Jamal, would the scheme change enough to win? Yep. Proved last year. It was even working with Beau, or so it seemed. So, Ty can adapt. But to what this year?
Oline. Not world beaters, but the most consistent and best performing unit on this O. Which, granted, ain't saying much.
TE shows a glimmer of hope, but all defenses have to do is key in on one weapon bc everyone else is soft.
So, which position group to fix? Has to start with QB! RB and WRs.

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Re: If you could fix one position group...

Post by mtnradio » Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:56 pm

I like your analysis. I still think the main problem with this offense are the running backs. This offense is designed to establish a run and then beat you with a pass. When the Run doesn't get established, and then we turn to pass to try to make up a deficit, the weakness of both the receiving Corps and the running backs has been highlighted, but in this offense it starts with the running backs
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