Where is THE Long Snapper?

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Where is THE Long Snapper?

Post by snoscythe » Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:19 pm

Putting this in its own thread -- Matt Foley is THE Long Snapper (his twitter handle), and has graded out perfectly on every long snap in his BYU career. However, for whatever reason he was NOT the long snapper on Almond's missed FGA. #98 handled that long snap, which went high and short, leading to the bobble by the holder, Gavin Fowler, which couldn't have helped Almond.

After the game (at 11:45 PM, so I'm guessing from the locker room) in response to a tweet asking where he was, THE_Long_Snapper tweeted that he is now only handling punt snaps:
Anyone know why Lamb is replacing a perfect-to-date snapper with a walk-on for field goals?

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